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לתמונה הקודמת לתמונה הבאה
קומץ בתים
1796 גולשים צפו בתמונה זו :: (התווסף בתאריך 26.11.2015)

קומץ בתים - מק"ט YH652

Cézanne immortalized the Provençal countryside with his broad, panoramic views. Often these are framed in branches, sometimes with architectural elements, but seldom with human activity. These too are still lifes. Cézanne's landscapes were not painted in the open air, as were those of the Impressionists, nor were they captured first with a camera. He composed the pictures the way he wanted them -- arranging the trees and the houses, probably gleaned from his sketchbooks, on the canvas in the configurations he decided upon.

בתים,סמל,שונות, קומפוזיציה

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